Dance isn't what I do it's what I am

Welcome to my website.                               My name is Marleen Hamer I was born in 1968, Hengelo, The Netherlands.   

Im dancing since I was 4 years old,  first I started with classical ballet, drama and singing classes at a local balletschool (Hengelose Balletschool Morgenstond).                             

At the age of 10 I took daily dance classes for next 5 years in Pre training studie at the Conservatoire (Twents Conservatorium).

When I was 16 years old I went to the University of the arts in Arnhem (Artez)  to studie Dance.  In 1990  I got my bachelor.    I'm a full time dance teacher and choreographer since.                 

Dance means everything to me, especially since I was diagnosed with MS in 1991.           Dancing gives me controle over my body in a certain way.                                                     I feel so lucky I still can do the job of my dreams every day.       

In the few hours left beside dancing I love to spend my freetime with my husband and our dog, also reading a lot of books/comics, watching movies, playing MMO games / and on  Nintendo Zelda , listening to music, visiting concerts, theater and museums. Traveling all over the world.

2019 Japan and Iceland